Driver Registration

Driver Registration

Driver's Registration Form

  • Your Details.

  • Please upload your current up to date CV showing your work history.
  • Ethnic Origin/Equality Legislation

    The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations. It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone.
  • Please select your ethnic origin from the drop down boxes below.

  • What type of employment are you looking for (please select all that apply).
  • Please fill out your Bank details for recieving payment.
    Bank/Building SocietySort CodeAccount Number 
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  • In line with the Goldman & Fine Group Ltd Anti Slavery Policy we require evidence that the bank details provided are yours. Please upload a picture of your most recent bank statement or Bank card showing both the Sort Code and Account number.
  • If you dont have a P45 or P46 please download and complete the HMRC Starter Checklist and upload once completed. HMRC Starter Checklist
  • Please use this section to tell us whether or not you consider yourself to be disabled. Regardless of your answer to this question you may want to tell us about any specific requirements that you may have at the interview. This will help us to make the necessary arrangements for you at the interview stage. As a disability confident employer (Registration number DCS023302) We use the Equality Act 2010 definition of disability.
  • Next of Kin Details

  • GDPR (Data Protection Act 2018)

    The Data Protection Act 2018 requires us to seek your written consent to our processing the information provided by you on this form. Some of this information may be given to a third party for the purposes of finding out user’s views of the service, audit and research or to specialists such as adaptation companies and driving instructors. We never release information which is not relevant to your fitness to work, drive or discuss personal details. Submission of this registration document will be taken to mean that you have given that consent. Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to enquire, in writing, the information we hold on you and, subject to a few exceptions to be supplied with a copy of this information.
  • Documents to upload

    Please upload all relevant documents for your application
  • Please download and complete the attached form, once completed this will need to be uploaded. Temporary Worker Contract
  • Passport (UK/European), Biometric Card, Home Office right to work document, UK Citizenship certificate with ID Card.
  • NI Card, P45, P60, HMRC Letter, Biometric Card with NI number
  • Current valid DBS certificate
  • Please upload a recent photo for your ID badge.
  • Section 2 Basic Questionnaire.

    The following basic Maths, English, and Manual Handling questions are required by all candidates.
  • Basic Maths and English

  • 1 km = 1,000 metres, How many metres are in 2.5 km ?
  • You have a meeting at 9:00am, trains leave every 30 minutes. Which train do you need to take?
  • Gym Membership will increase next year starting January, how much will it be to become a Gold member for 4 months ?
  • Select the word or phrase that is spelt incorrectly?
  • You bought 20 apples at the market, and when you got home you only had 13 left. How many apples did you lose on your way home ?
  • 223+0=
  • You have £20.00 and would like to purchase a burger and chips, which costs £7.25. how much change should you have left if you used your £20.00?
  • The following questions have a missing word in each phrase. Choose the right word to complete the phrase.

  • The baby boy saw ............. in the mirror and smiled.
  • A lot of trains ……….... late today due to the heavy storms.
  • ………..... was a strong wind last night.
  • Manual Handling Questionnaire.

  • What is manual handling?
  • Which is the MAIN piece of legislation that applies to manual handling?
  • Which one of the following is NOT classified as a manual handling activity?
  • Which part of the body is most likely to be injured if you lift a heavy load?
  • To lift a load, you should always?
  • What is the ideal height, in relation to your body, to carry a load?
  • A package needs to be lifted but it is too heavy for you, what do you do?
  • What should you do before carrying loads through narrow walkways?
  • Within the regulations what is the MAXIMUM weight an employee can lift?
  • The maximum weight you can carry should be decided by....
  • How should you pick up a load that is heavier on one side?
  • To lift a load safely you need to think about?
  • Drivers Questionnaire

    Please use the table below to see what sections you need to complete, e.g. a 7.5 Tonne driver will need to complete Multi Drop and Digi-Tacho & CPC Holder Questionnaire.
  • Licence status Consent

    We are unable to contact the DVLA prior to your assessment regarding the status of your driving licence. By submitting this form, you are giving GOLDMAN & FINE GROUP LTD consent to Check your licence status and entitlement to drive, to send and receive from DVLA any personal information and reports pertaining to your assessment. I have checked the details provided to complete my online registration and I can confirm to the best of my knowledge they are correct
  • Multi Drop Questionnaire

  • What is the national speed limit on a dual carriageway?
  • 2. Before you set off to a drive any vehicle, do you?
  • Can you wait, load, unload, or park on the pavement marked by double yellow lines?
  • You arrive at a pelican crossing with a central island. Should you treat this as one crossing or two?
  • When travelling on icy roads, how should you drive?
  • What does Tailgating mean?
  • What does this sign mean?
  • You are at a crossroad using a sat-nav with 2010 software. The sat-nav instructs you to drive ahead, but the road ahead has the following sign?
  • The sign ahead displays the following and your destination is BIRMINGHAM. Which exit do you take?
  • What does the following sign mean?
  • 3.5 Tonne Drivers Questionnaire

    Only complete this part of the form if you are looking for 3.5 Tonne driving positions
  • You are approaching an unmarked crossroads. How should you deal with this type of junction?
  • A vehicle pulls out in front of you at a junction. What should you do?
  • What should you use your horn for?
  • 4. You are driving at the legal speed limit. A vehicle comes up quickly behind you, flashing its headlights. What should you do?
  • You are approaching a zebra crossing. Pedestrians are waiting to cross. What should you do?
  • You are being followed by an ambulance showing flashing blue lights. What should you do?
  • There is a bus lane on your left. The signs show no times of operation. What does this mean?
  • After refuelling your vehicle, what should you do to avoid spillage?
  • You are on a two-lane dual carriageway. Why would you use the right-hand lane?
  • You are travelling along a street with parked vehicles on the left-hand side. Why should you keep your speed down?
  • How should you signal when going straight ahead at a roundabout
  • What should you do when you meet an obstruction on your side of the road
  • You're driving in the right-hand lane of a dual carriageway. You see signs showing that the right-hand lane is closed 800 yards ahead. What should you do?
  • You are driving along this road. The red van cuts in close in front of you. What should you do?
  • You want to park, and you see this sign. What should you do on the days and times shown?
  • When may you stop and wait in a box junction?
  • Class 1 & 2 Drivers Questionnaire

    Only complete this part of the form if you are looking for Class 1 or 2 driver positions.
  • What effect could a load of hanging meat carcasses cause when you drive around corners or bends?
  • Who must you tell when your vehicle collides with a bridge?
  • You're driving a large vehicle in a straight line. When is it most stable?
  • What's the maximum speed allowed for a vehicle towing a trailer on a motorway?
  • In England and Wales, what’s the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for a rigid lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes?
  • You're driving a large vehicle on a narrow road with passing places. What will you need to be most aware of?
  • Your vehicle is more than 3 metres (9 feet 10 inches) high. Where is this information displayed?
  • You’re driving a lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes. What’s the national speed limit for your vehicle on a dual carriageway in England and Wales?
  • What does this temporary sign mean for drivers of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass?
  • This sign means?
  • The height of your vehicle is 4.2 metres (14 feet). What should you do as you approach this bridge?
  • What does this sign mean?
  • What does this road sign mean?
  • You're driving on a motorway and you see this sign.
  • What does this sign mean?
  • Digi-Tacho & CPC Holder Assessment

    To be completed for 7.5 Tonne, Class 1, and Class 2 drivers.
  • While you are driving, you notice your tachograph is not working. What should you do?
  • What must you do when driving under the rules for domestic drivers’ hours?
  • What period of time does one tachograph chart cover?
  • During your working day, you change to another vehicle with the same type of tachograph. How should you keep your tachograph record up-to-date?
  • What should you do if you have to leave your vehicle unattended for a very short time?
  • What is most likely to cause tiredness?
  • Under EU rules, a driver must take regular breaks from driving. What maximum period of continuous driving is allowed?
  • Which digital tachograph card is only available to enforcement authorities?
  • Under EU rules, what is the normal weekly rest period that must be taken?
  • What does a tachograph record?
  • Under EU rules, your daily rest can be reduced to 9 hours. For how many days per week is this allowed?
  • You have been driving a lorry without a break for four-and-a-half hours. Under EU rules, you must now take a break. How long must this break be?
  • What does this tachograph chart symbol mean?
  • What does this tachograph chart symbol mean?
  • You are making a journey with a co-driver. When the other person is driving, how should you show this time?
  • End of questionnaire

    Thank you for completing the Questionnaire, once you submit this form we will contact you in regards to our available positions.
  • Useful Documents and links

    Here you can find links to current government legislation in regards to employment and also download the Goldman and Fine Group Ltd documents.
  • Goldman and Fine group Ltd Anti Slavery policy

  • Goldman and Fine Group Ltd Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

  • Staff Privacy Policy

    Here you can download a copy of our privacy policy. Goldman and Fine Group Ltd Staff Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Consent Form

    Here you can download a copy of our GDPR consent form by submitting this application form it will be taken as you have read and agreed to the terms within. GDPR Consent Form
  • Safer Jobs membership

    Goldman and Fine Group Ltd are proud to be a member of the Saferjobs, remember no agency should ever charge you a fee to find work if you have come across any agency trying to charge you to apply for work please get in contact with SaferJobs using this link. SaferJobs
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